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Adegas Gran Vinum winery has 8 acres of own vineyards and also works together with other 30 smaller growers, all located across the Val do Salnes subregion, some with holdings as small as half a hectare and vines averaging over 25 years old. We establish a contract binding on quality and the best care for the vineyard, under the guidance of our technical department in order to ensure that the Albarino grape keeps the aroma, ripeness and flavor typical of Albarino wine.

Climate: The climate is soft with moderate winds in portions near the sea, occasional winter frosts, and summer temperatures reaching over 86ºF. Rainfall is heavy with up to 80 inches a year. With water on all sides, the vineyards benefit from sea breezes that help keep the temperature lower in summer and milder in winter.

Soil: Soils are granitic sand over mother rock with flat areas rich in organic matter and slopes with less organic matter and lower ph. Traditional vineyards have granite pergolas with the vines trained high off the ground to avoid the damp earth and for better exposure to the sun.

We work the land using the traditional techniques: the land is fertilized with clam and cockle shells. They are pruned and cared for on a regular basis.

The harvest takes place after an exhaustive control of each plot and analysis of the ripening parameters. All Albarino grapes are hand harvest is in small boxes, after which the grapes are carefully selected.


The type of Albarino grape is structured, with small clusters that buds very early and has a long ripening circle.

The juice from Albarino grapes has a golden bright straw color, fresh, clean and stimulant. The palate is flavorful, fruity, good acidity and balanced, which makes it a very fine and distinguished wine.